I want you to success!

Early on in my career, I hit that first rut; I wasn’t excited to go to work and I didn’t know what was next.  I had a conversation with my then manager, Steve Smith, and he asked me what I needed.  I responded, I need you to appreciate me and want me to succeed. AfterContinue reading “I want you to success!”

MisTips: Research! by Jennifer Howell, Recruiter at L2TMedia

MisTips is an interview series that shares one common Mistake with three Tips to avoid it! First in the series, is Jennifer Howell, Recruiter at L2TMedia.  Jennifer is an experienced Recruiter and HR Specialist with a people-first approach.  She has a relentless dedication to fostering a thriving office culture, building the connective tissue between departments, and keepingContinue reading “MisTips: Research! by Jennifer Howell, Recruiter at L2TMedia”