MisTips: Research! by Jennifer Howell, Recruiter at L2TMedia

MisTips is an interview series that shares one common Mistake with three Tips to avoid it! First in the series, is Jennifer Howell, Recruiter at L2TMedia.  Jennifer is an experienced Recruiter and HR Specialist with a people-first approach.  She has a relentless dedication to fostering a thriving office culture, building the connective tissue between departments, and keeping the machine running smoothly.  Jennifer and I worked together in 2014.  I saw first hand, Jennifer’s passion and commitment to leading an office.  Now, I’ll turn it over to Jennifer…

A mistake I see is that applicants have not done their research. It’s basic stuff. I understand that people apply to 50 places in the hope that perhaps 3 call back. But being selective can only benefit you. Apply to companies that interest you. For example, my company’s clients are in the automotive space and we provide digital marketing solutions. If you make it to a screening with me, your experience got you there. Have an interest in the business. SHOW ME that you are interested and give me examples.

Jennifer Tips:

1. BE YOU. Do not present what you think I want you to be. Be who you are 40 hours a week. Give me who you are. Your personality is going to determine fit. It’s so much easier to be you than be a version of yourself that you don’t believe in. We can teach hard skills but soft skills are harder to teach. Show me your soft skills in the screening.

2. Apply to companies or within an industry that you have a passion. I will be FAR more impressed with someone who wants to be part of my industry. That passion brings career-pathing.

3. Ask questions. Before a screening, review the company website, have the job description in front of you. Call back to it in the screening. Have questions prepared that are deeper than “tell me about the culture”. Be specific in your questions. If work/life balance is important, ASK ME ABOUT IT. Ultimately, it’s a candidate’s market right now. Use that to your advantage.

Be picky. Be confident. BE YOU.”

Learn more about Jennifer Howell on her LinkedIn profile.

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