To begin this journey, I hired a coach…

I have always loved the art of coaching.  I have had a number of very valuable coaches that have transformed my career, mostly my previous managers.  Then, last year, I knew I needed to make a tough decision.  I had a job that I loved in Chicago and a man that I loved in Denver.  Commuting back and forth was getting exhausting and I wasn’t able to give my best in my relationship or at my job.

Then I saw on LinkedIn one of my connections was a Coach.  I reached out, we had a quick intro call and I was in.  This was the first time in my career/life that I invested in an outside unbiased guide to help me in my decision-making process.  It was awesome.  Our conversations were thought-provoking and well guided.  And after a few months, I made my next life and career decision.  I am confident in the decision I had made and ready for the next stage in my life and my career.  Here we go!

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