Business Consulting:

  • Why: To get your business off the ground or accelerate growth.
  • Who: Freelancers, Side Hustlers, Solopreneurs, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Business Leaders
  • What: Foundational Development, Road Mapping, Action Plans, Clarifying Business Objectives/Goals, Business Plans, Articulating Your Needs, Overcoming Hurdles, Accountability Partner
  • How: You have big ideas, I’ll provide the tools and thought starters to collaborate on an actionable road map.

Facilitating & Speaking:

  • Why: To provide value and content to your communities and teams.
  • Who: Business Owners, Team Leaders, Community Owners, Event Owners, Meeting Owners
  • What: Strategy Workshops, Strategy Facilitation, Professional Development Workshops, Mission/Vision/Values Facilitation, Value Prop Articulation Workshop, Design Thinking Workshop, Keynotes, Panel Participant
  • How: You have the team/community, I’ll customize the content and facilitate the Workshops/Discussions.

Strategic Communication Consulting:

  • Why: To deliver a communication strategy with an authentic voice, tone, and message.
  • Who: Leaders, Companies, Agencies
  • What: Communication Strategy, Communication Campaigns, Communication Plans, Communication Audits, Corporate Initiatives Integrations
  • How: You share your aspirations and challenges, I’ll customize the content for your audience and goals.

Career Coaching:

  • Why: To be the best you!
  • Who: Professionals, Employees, Leaders, Entrepreneurs
  • What: Career Growth, Career Satisfaction, Career Path Development, Leadership Development, Skill Building, Career Goal Setting, Career Planning, Resume Building, Performance Review Preparation, Interview Preparation, Networking Building, Sticky Career Situations, Accountability Partner.
  • How: You have the answers, I’ll provide questions and tools to get to you to where you want to go.
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