Denver Startup Week: 100 Women Talking Money (Startup Edition)

One of my favorite events with The Pledgettes is our 100 Women Talking Money series. I am very excited that we are bringing this event to Denver Startup Week on Monday, September 14th. To serve the startup community, we’ll tailor our convesration to working in and working on startups. Jenn Uhen will be facilitating thisContinue reading “Denver Startup Week: 100 Women Talking Money (Startup Edition)”

Shifted Perspectives: TARRA Masterclass

This collaboration is an exciting one because I get to collaborate with: – industry experts, who will be guest lecturers as they coach participants through a specific challenge– engaged co-participants, who will share their experiences and offer advice– an experienced facilitator, Meridith Marshall, who has lead intimate events and masterminds– and a community-driven organization TARRA.Continue reading “Shifted Perspectives: TARRA Masterclass”

TARRA Co is holding space for Microbusinesses to thrive

You know when you find your people and you want to work with them again and again and again. That’s how I felt when I first met Kate Bailey and the TARRA team. I have joined their team as Director of Programming to collaborate on a multiple series of events as they continue to buildContinue reading “TARRA Co is holding space for Microbusinesses to thrive”

Calling all Creatives: Find Your Path in the Evolving Design Industry

I have always had a special place in my heart for creatives and the unique career challenges they face: from articulating their value and being paid their worth. I have partnered with AIGA Colorado and TARRA to facilitate this three part workshop series. You can attend one or all three. These workshops will be limitedContinue reading “Calling all Creatives: Find Your Path in the Evolving Design Industry”

Repost: Fast Company’s “8 smart ways to keep networking while you’re stuck at home”

Well, a global pandemic came in like a wrecking ball disrupting virtually every routine. Now that we’re settling into the new normal, make sure you are finding strong ways to strengthen and build your network. Use this time to stay connected and get connected. Fast Company posted this great article with eight ways to keepContinue reading “Repost: Fast Company’s “8 smart ways to keep networking while you’re stuck at home””

Leadership Isn’t a Title; It’s a Responsibility

Management is a title.  There’s a list of tasks that go along with a manager role.  But not all managers are leaders.  And there are some leaders that aren’t managers.  Leadership is not a title; it’s a responsibility.  You can lead people, processes, or projects.  Even if you don’t have the title, stretch your leadershipContinue reading “Leadership Isn’t a Title; It’s a Responsibility”

Congratulations Graduates! 5 Tips to Make the Most of Your First Job

Congratulations on the fantastic achievement of graduating college!  You are eager to start that first job to set the course of your career trajectory!  This job will be a great opportunity to learn the industry that you want to work in, begin to develop the skills you want to master, and build the relationships thatContinue reading “Congratulations Graduates! 5 Tips to Make the Most of Your First Job”

Moms, you can have it all!

In honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday, I wanted to repost this blog and give some love to moms – in all their amazingness.  The dichotomy of raising a family vs. career growth is shifting.  Yes, moms, you can have it all and you should have that opportunity! Over the past few years, I’ve interviewedContinue reading “Moms, you can have it all!”

We’re All In the Customer Service Business

All of us are in the customer service business. Your customers may be your boss, co-workers, clients, or vendors. When you take a customer service approach with everyone you work with, the results can be transformational. Some benefits of using a customer service approach: – Better relationships. When you can demonstrate empathy for others, theContinue reading “We’re All In the Customer Service Business”