TARRA Co is holding space for Microbusinesses to thrive

You know when you find your people and you want to work with them again and again and again. That’s how I felt when I first met Kate Bailey and the TARRA team. I have joined their team as Director of Programming to collaborate on a multiple series of events as they continue to build their community.

In the Sustaining Small series, I’ll be speaking at the next event on September 10 with one of my favorite topics: GOALS!

Sustaining Small is a monthly series for artisans, creatives, designers, writers, retail and other microbusiness entrepreneurs, who want to engage in dialogue about what it means to thrive. 

We gather each month for meaningful conversations, education and workshops about how to maintain, manage and create a microbusiness and creative livelihood that feels authentic to you, your vision and how you want your life and profession to integrate. 

These monthly dialogues are meant to be a space of community building, support and learning. We are here to help you get clear about what you want, how to achieve it and ensure longevity for your vision.

Sustaining Small is a safe space where you get to ask the questions you haven’t asked, discover new ways of thinking, uncover key resources and tools, and find out what other creatives in the community are doing to “sustain small.”

I hope to see you there!

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