It’s already the End of the Year: 3 approaches to take

Okay, so if you look at a calendar, we still have two and a half months left in 2017!  But if you want to do something special for your team, employees, mentors, or co-workers, the time is now!

End of the Year is a time to recognize the work that has been done and success we have had while looking forward.  And while different professionals appreciate different things, they all appreciate something over nothing.

The Office Holiday Party:
Great for co-workers to build relationships with each other.  And those extravert social butterflies.

– Empower a group of employees to plan the event.
– If you have a competitive group, add a level of entertainment and group competition to the event.  Karaoke, Family Feud, what’s fun and easy to do?


The Volunteer Event:
Great for connecting with each other and the community to make a real contribution. It could also happen during business hours which will still give employees their evenings and weekends free.  And can be a great message to customers.

– Encourage employees to nominate and select the activity.  Some may have a personal connection with a volunteer organization.
– Make it special.  Work with the volunteer organization to share information with employees prior to the event, welcome your team to the location, and offers ways to continue to stay involved.
– If possible, engage with the people’s lives who will be improved.  This will provide a memorable experience and a deep understanding of the organization’s mission.
– Tell this story!  Make this experience last with a message to customers about what you are doing/did and why.


The Personal Note:
Start now and you can complete a handwritten note to everyone on your list.

– To make is special, be specific.  What is something this person has done this year that made a strong contribution to the organization?
– How can you use this time to give them a “reason to believe” in the future?  What are you excited about?
– Embrace work/life balance and encourage them the opportunity to take some recovery time over the holidays and be ready to take on 2018

What is the best end of year thing your company has done for you?  What is the best thing you’ve done for your team?

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