3 Ways to Get Inspired about your Career Growth without picking up a Book

I’m not much of a reader but I’m always looking for inspiration.  Sometimes we can just put our head down and push through with the daily grind of work.  But if we don’t take some time to get inspired, our career won’t advance!

Here are three sources that I focus on to get inspired.

1 – Podcasts: I spend a lot of time in the car and on planes.  I use this travel time to get some career inspiration through Podcasts.  I tend to start with HBR IdeaCast and then check out specific episodes in other feeds, like an episode on the Gender Pay Gap from Freakonomics Radio.  For an inspirational music break between podcasts, I listen to the Hamilton soundtrack – that’s some really great leadership rap right there!

2 – My Network: I choose to invest in professional relationships that inspire me.  I gravitate towards inspiring leaders and that’s why I became a coach.  Who do you want to be when you grow up into the next stage of your career?  Are you investing in relationships with people who have great habits that you want to have professionally?  Are you building trust with your peers, managers, or that awesome person you met at a networking event so you can ask them advice and watch them in action?

3 – Online Communities: Last week I tuned into an Everwise WebEx about Advancement in Women Leadership.  And I’m inspired to put the 7 strategies into action!  There are a number of fantastic online seminars, YouTube videos, Instagram feeds, and LinkedIn Groups.  The topics are specific and endless.  Google exactly what’s on your mind and you may find something great!

This month make a conscious effort to pick your head up from work and get inspired about where you’ll take your career!


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