Are you tracking to use all your PTO this year?

About two years ago, MasterCard debuted one of my favorite commercials of all time.  Take 30 seconds to watch it now.

One main reason people leave their job is burn out.  It has definitely been a reason for me to leave a job.  A huge easy opportunity to reduce burn out is to use your vacation days!  Take time to rejuvenate, connect with family and friends, or explore a passion or hobby.

And if you’ve been a little cranky, unproductive, or unmotivated at work, your co-workers will appreciate you taking some PTO if they get you back at your best!

For more facts, information, and inspiration, check out Project: Time Off!

Inspire someone now by leaving a comment below about your dream way to spend some time off.

Wishing you a productive end to this year!

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