Who is your other?

“When you get the power of the other on your side, you can surpass whatever limit you are currently experiencing or will ever experience in the future.”  – Dr. Henry Cloud, The Power of the Other

We have all experienced it.  We make a goal for ourselves, keep it to ourselves, forget about it, don’t act on it, and then…we don’t achieve it.  However, when we share our goal with others, we have an accountability partner.  Someone to check in and see how we’re doing.  By committing to someone that we were going to move towards our goal, we actually do move towards our goal!

Even if you know what you need to do to move towards your goal, having a coach or accountability partner will get you there faster.  Want to learn more about the power of the other and what it’s like to have a coach, connect with me!

Published by Be Genuine Stay Determined

Leadership Communication Strategist/Coach

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