What does success look like?

What does success look like?

We often use this question in business when embarking on large projects. The answer to this question will keep the project and team members aligned.

We also need to ask this question when we start personal projects. Whether it’s a job search, committing to getting healthy, or taking a vacation!

Last year my husband and I started talking about living a more nomadic life; we wanted to travel more often. I immediately had fantasies of visiting National Parks, hiking frequently, and seeing family and friends. He wanted to see family and friends, and visit new cities. I imagined we’d travel fast; he pictured us going slower. We still are continuing the adventure and adapting along the way.  Asking “what does success look like?” has helped us stay on the same page and commit to progressing closer to that answer.  There are other ways to ask this question like, “what do we want out of this trip?” “why are we doing this?”. And when we get into planning, “what are the big things we want to do?”  Whether it’s seeing the eclipse in August, attending important family events, or being somewhere when the weather is just right; simplifying our goals has kept us committed.

It’s important to not only ask this question at the start of a project but to revisit it along the way. Was the original success/goal too small or too large? Have we achieved that goal and want to evolve it to a bigger goal?

Finally, when you have that clear goal, you can celebrate the little victories you’ve achieved on the way to reaching that goal. And continued your focused efforts to success!

It’s great being married and having a travel buddy; we hold each other accountable to our goals.  Being in a job search or having a personal challenge, you will need to your find your accountability partner; maybe that accountability partner is a coach.  Reach out to me and tell me “What does success look like?” for your life in the next year!  I’ll help you reach your goal!

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