Spare 5 Minutes to Achieve Your Goal

With two and a half months left in the year; identify that 2018 goal you still want to achieve. It may be a written goal at your company or a personal goal you’ve been procrastinating about moving forward.

Assign five minutes at the start or end of every day on your calendar. Write down three things you did yesterday or today which help move you towards your goal. And one missed opportunity where you could have worked towards your goal.

It’s best if you can have a SMART goal; see this blog article about SMART goals. Here are some ideas for SMART goals.

– By the end of the year, I want my contributions at work to be more strategic thinking vs. tactical thinking.

– I will reduce my daily sugar intake to 20g for the next two weeks.

– I will find a new job in the next six months by focusing on expanding my network, updating my resume and cover letter, and applying for three jobs per week.

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