Common Sense Always Wins

There are so many ways to say it…
K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)
Control Your Controllable

It all goes back to… common sense always wins.  When we can keep it simple and focus, we have a direction to move in.  When we focus on what makes sense, the challenges seem easier to tackle, and the opportunities seem more attainable.

Often times we overcomplicate things that are happening to or around us.  We try to look at every possible outcome or factor, take in all the advice people are given us and all the emotions we have.  We get stuck, we can’t make a decision, we can’t move forward.

Think about a challenge or problem you currently have.  Take yourself out of the situation and imagine a stranger is there instead.  What would common sense tell you about this situation? What advice would you give to the stranger?  What relevant insight or information would you share?  What information would you omit (no need to overshare)?  How can you simplify this situation?  If it helps, write it out on a piece of paper.  Think about a few realistic outcomes and make a decision to move forward.

If it’s the right decision, you’re one step closer.  If the outcome was less than desirable, you have the opportunity to change directions and can review and edit the document you already created.

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