Three Planners to Achieve Your 2018 Goals

You have big goals in 2018, and sometimes, need a little kick to make them happen. Here are three journals I’ve used over the years to Get Sh*t Done!

Passion Planner: I loved this journal. The exercises to start the year and each month were great reflective exercises. The color coding was fun and kept me balanced.  Three years after I used the Passion Planner, I went back and reviewed my initial goals and achieved most of them!

Commit30: This planner is great because it makes you live intentionally every day – reflecting on what you’ve accomplished and having a plan to move forward. Also…30 days? Anyone can commit to 30 days! The undated planner is great if you’ve fallen off the horse and want to start anytime that isn’t January 1. And I love their mantra SMALL STEPS = BIG RESULTS.

Bullet Journal: I’ve tried carrying around 5 journals with me (one per project) or online note capturing, and then I found Bullet Journaling. You can buy a Bullet Journal or learn the system and start in your journal now. This system helps me quickly jump from meeting to meeting or project to project in one journal. And allows me to easily find notes connected to each project. Referring back to all my notes on a specific project with the index has been life-changing. And adding in specific goals has kept me moving forward.

You are more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. So pick a system that works for you, hold yourself accountable, and achieve those goals!

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