Should I Stay or Should I Go?

The average American will work 45 years in their lifetime.
Each year it seems like time is moving faster and faster.
The US is currently at a low in unemployment.

I was recently talking to one of my friends who work in HR. She said that one of the most common mistakes she sees people make in their career is staying in a position too long.

When asking yourself “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” consider these questions.
1 – Am I learning?
2 – Am I developing skills that align with my larger career goals?
3 – Do I have a clear plan for what’s next?
4 – Do I believe there is something better out there for me? Am I ready to take the risk?
5 – Is there room for me to grow in my current role?
6 – Are there things I haven’t yet mastered in my current role?
7 – Are there responsibilities/tasks I can take off my manager’s plate?
8 – Do I have more days where I’m happy or unhappy at work?

If you’ve been asking yourself “Should I Stay or Should I Go,” let’s talk through it. Send me a message below.

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