We’re All In the Customer Service Business

All of us are in the customer service business. Your customers may be your boss, co-workers, clients, or vendors. When you take a customer service approach with everyone you work with, the results can be transformational.

Some benefits of using a customer service approach:
– Better relationships. When you can demonstrate empathy for others, the favor may be returned. You’ll find more people want to be a part of the solution vs territorial blame.
– Improved reputation. You’ll be recognized for being positive and part of the solution. People will want to work with you.
– Increased happiness. When you choose to acknowledge and focus on the positive in the situation, you’ll begin to find there is more positive than negative in your world.

Tips for the customer service approach with a co-worker:
– “The customer is always right.” Start with the assumption that your co-worker is sharing the truth with you. Give them the benefit of the doubt.
– Be understanding. Did they put a lot of effort into their part of the project? If they worked on something for a week straight and you found one typo. First, demonstrate that you know all the work that they did. Secondly, reinforce that you’re a team and everyone shares the same goal. Thirdly, correct the error.
– “Thank you. Come again!” Demonstrate your gratitude for the work that they do. A simple thank you and acknowledgment for their effort, collaboration, and partnership. When you can all our specific positive behaviors that you notice, you will see more of those positive behaviors.

What does the customer service approach look for you?

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