You’re Not Stuck, You’re Empowered

Each day we get to show up: for our families, our peers, our company. We make the choice to get up and go to work. We make the choice on how to respond to emails and in meetings. We make the choice how to react to good news and bad news.

And most of all, we make the choice on actions to make it better. It’s really powerful when you can shift your mindset from “stuck,” to “empowered.”  I’m empowering all of you to take 15 minutes and thinking about a situation when you felt stuck.

1 – Write out the situation.
Who was involved?
What was the problem?
Where did it take place? (in a meeting, over email)

2 – Reflection on some factors.
Why did this happen?  (What were the internal and external factors that created this situation? How did the way you “showed up” in this situation contribute to the situation and/or outcome?)

3 – Analyze how you could have acted better.
How did you wish it ended?
If you could have given advice to yourself at that moment, what would you have said?
Is there an opportunity for you to change the outcome? Or will you show up better if a similar situation arises?

When we can make a conscious effort to show up at-your-best every day, you’ll have stronger relationships, feel more accomplished, and grow in your career.

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