Diversity & Inclusion: International Women’s Day

This Thursday, March 8, is International Women’s Day.  It’s a great day to celebrate women, understand their unique challenges, and build some new connections.  If you would like to do something in your office for International Women’s Day.  Here are a few ideas.

Goal: Celebrate women

Idea: Share stories of amazing women.  If you have a monitor in your office, create a PPT slideshow to keep looping all day.  If you use Salesforce Chatter, post about 1 woman/hour.  Or print some pages out to put up around the office.

Goal: Build awareness of women inequality

Idea: Share facts about women and inequality or tips on how to get involved or do something about it.

Goal: Create a community of strong women

Idea: create an employee resource group or an informal group that meets once/month.  There are some amazing communities I am a part of where I get to connect, learn, and mentor like Ladies Get Paid and Everwise Women.

Take a moment on Thursday to celebrate the women in your tribe!

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Leadership Communication Strategist/Coach

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