Three Career Lessons From My Mom

In celebration of Mother’s Day, I have to tell you my mom is awesome.  As much as she’s helped me personally; I owe my professional success to her.  Here are the top three lessons my mom taught me. 

1 – Always be hustling.  My mom always had a full-time job and a few side hustles.  When I was younger, I would help my mom set up her display table at the MaryKay parties she would host at our house.  She is still a MaryKay Consultant today and her inventory has taken over the closet in my childhood room. 

2 – Find a great partner.  My parents have been married for 42 years!  They have taken on the world together and have even owned a few businesses together.  They are a great team; each having strengths and complimenting each other’s weaknesses. 

3 – Be involved in your community.  I’m never going to top my mom on this one.  She is the queen of knowing the community.  From PTA President to running into someone she knows wherever she goes; my mom is well-connected.  She is always looking to help others with an introduction or opportunity.  And she also knows the right person to call to solve any problem. 

I still have so much more to learn from my mom and Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to pause and be grateful.  Thank you, Mom!  For these important lessons and so much more!

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