Equal Pay Day: Ask For It

I love helping clients ask for the raises they have earned. And I love even more when they get them! I helped clients successfully negotiate raises, promotions and additional benefits. Here’s one of my favorites.

A client worked for a company that gave a modest Cost of Living raise each year. We were preparing for her performance review, and she had the best year ever. We crafted a story which allowed her to articulate the value (both quantitative and qualitative) she contributed to the company that year. She was ready with what she wanted to ask for: a raise, a promotion, and additional responsibilities.

In her performance review, her manager sang her praises and thanked her for a great year. Then offered her a $1500 raise. She was prepared and replied, “Thank you, I love working here, but that raise is not in line with the value that I bring to our company.” After some back and forth, her manager said he was only authorized to give her a raise of $3000, and it was more than the raises others were getting. If she wanted more, he would have to talk to the boss. She said, “Great, and if there are any details I can share with you to present a strong case, I’ll give you what you need.”

A month later, this client earned a promotion and a pay increase of $20,000.

Know your worth! Track the contributions you are making to your company and be prepared to tell your story. Finally, don’t be timid. Keep pushing! If your company can’t give you the raise immediately, schedule a timeline and clear milestones/actions for you to earn that raise.

I would love to help you earn what you deserve! Let’s set up a coaching session to prepare you for that ask. Get it, girl!

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