Kendra, Business Development 

After a long stretch with a single employer and then some personal time off, I felt totally unprepared to begin a search for a new career. Jenn/BGSD was recommended to me by a friend. She was incredibly responsive, professional, prepared and generous in her consultation process. She did her homework reviewing my dusty old resume, was adept at identifying what my true career passions are, and encouraged me that I could find something that I’d truly love. Her advice and council gave me a different perspective on what current hiring managers are looking for. I took her suggestions and my job search was transformed immediately. I credit her for giving me the tools and confidence that allowed me to connect with a great company that carved out a new role for me based on the “personal brand” I was able to present in their interview process. I can’t recommend her highly enough. If not for Jenn and BGSD I’d still be spinning my wheels with internet searches. Thank you, Jenn!

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Leadership Communication Strategist/Coach