Aligning Actions to Aspirations

Your professional life is solely your responsibility.  You are in control of the business you start, the position you take, you opportunities you maximize.  You get to the shape and influence the culture.  You get to start a company that solves a challenge you see.  You get to develop the skills you want.  You get to apply for the roles which you can use those skills and grow more.  You get to seek out mentors and accountability partners who can help you achieve your goals.  You get to be at your best in your current role and your career!

Throughout our lives, we have experienced and witnessed the benefits of coaching through sports coaches, tutors, and counselors.  Who’s providing that unbiased perspective for you now?  Who can nudge you to be at your best and experience the career growth you desire?

Be Genuine Stay Determined guides you to articulate your aspirations and align your actions through facilitation, consulting, and coaching.

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