Career Workbooks

BGSD Workbooks are exercises to walk you step-by-step to providing clarity and direction for your career – whether it’s focusing on specific situations, like the Stuck to Empowered Workbook or bigger picture projects like the Side Hustles Workbook.  Please email for any questions about any BGSD Workbook or Coaching.

Stuck to Empowered Cover Workbook


BGSD Stuck to Empowered Workbook
There are times we may feel stuck and it’s hard to get “unstuck.”  It’s important to remember that we are empowered to show up at our best, react at our best, and respond at our best.  When we can take time to reflect on a situation when we were stuck, we readdress that situation to improve upon it and focus on how to be at our best in future similar situations.  Use this workbook to walk through a stuck situation and move forward.



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