Sometimes advice from a friend, co-worker, or parent isn’t enough.  Working with a coach will give you an opportunity to have an unbiased cheerleader!  As your coach, I’ll ask questions and guide our conversations to help you gain clarity towards the next steps in your career.  What is the opportunity you want to tackle together?  Here are some thought starters.

– Career Planning: Let’s start big picture and dig down to strategies and tactics to achieve your goals.

– Resume Building: Does your resume show tasks or accomplishments?  When you look at your resume, does it reflect how awesome you are?

– Performance Review Prep: Have you earned a raise, promotion, or both and want to demonstrate your case in your next performance review?  Do you dread your performance review and want to make it more productive?  Do you want to proactively ask for a performance review, promotion, or raise?

– Interview Prep: Are you going on interviews but not moving on to the next round?

– Network Building: Are you focusing on work or people?  Have you been focused on delivering amazing work but you don’t have the network to match it?

– Sticky Career Situations: Are you having trouble with a co-worker or manager?  Do you want to change your reputation at work?

If these are resonating with you or you have another challenge, let’s connect!

How it works:

After our intro call, I’ll put together a custom package for you.  It will include a mix of phone calls or video conference, email support, and supplemental materials.  Sessions start at $80.

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